Sunday, August 11, 2019

Serverless Tips - Exception Handling and Scopes

In late 2018 I started contributing to the #ServerlessTips on, a community knowledge base hosted by Serverless360. I have written more than 30 tips, mostly on Azure Logic Apps, on that site and I wanted to highlight some of my favorites. Now, I won’t go ahead and cross-post these entire topics, but I wanted to elevate their visibility as I think they are important.

In a world of connected services running across data centers and public clouds world-wide, errors are bound to happen. These errors can be related to underlying technical infrastructure issues or related to missing or unexpected data.

Regardless of the reasons, Logic Apps developers need to plan and react when these exception events occur.

Java and .NET developers are very comfortable using try-catch-finally semantics when it comes to error handling. However, in Azure Logic Apps, developers use a different approach, to achieve similar behaviors. Read More

Configure Run After Settings allow you to decide what a subsequent action should do in the event of a previous action succeeding or failing. But, what happens when you have a more complex logic app and you have logically related actions that must succeed or fail as a group? Within Azure Logic Apps, we don’t have the luxury of using distributed transaction coordinators, but we do have other capabilities that manage this type of scenario. Read More

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