Monday, October 19, 2009

ShareTalk Integration Series - PDF Available

Bil Simser, a colleague and SharePoint MVP has captured this series as a PDF document. I do have plans for one or two more posts in this series and he has offered to update the PDF as new posts appear.

Here is a link to his post where you can find this PDF document.


Unknown said...

Needless to say this is an awesome series Kent! It is a level of detail that was missing.

Also love how the post about mySAP on 64bit sneaked its way into the PDF document :)

Kent Weare said...

Thanks Thiago...I must admit I was initially a little intimitaded by the upfront work required to get WSS and the Adapter Web Service configured before even being able to process a document. The goal of this series was to really de-bunk some of the myths and complexity. I figured if I went through it step by step it should be easy for others who have not had a lot of exsposure to WSS/SP to get up and running quickly.

I didn't notice the mySAP bit but I just went through it again and saw it...I will let Bil know...LOL

Melad NL said...

Hi Kent,

Thanks for this awesome tutorial.
Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.

Greetings from Holland ...

Kent Weare said...

Thanks Machine...I am glad that you have found this series beneficial. I am working on another post...stay tuned.