Saturday, May 2, 2009

WebSphere Best on Windows

I don't think that Steve Martin is bored these days. In March he was caught up in the "Cloud Manifesto" fiasco and now he is right in the middle of a new battle with IBM. No I am not referring to Steve Martin the actor, but rather the senior director of developer platform marketing at Microsoft.

His latest battle involves WebSphere running better on Windows Server 2008 than a high priced IBM AIX system. Martin's claim is that you can get more transactions per second (11000 vs 8000) at about a third of the price. ($87161 vs $260128).

I have no idea whether the claims are true or false, but I do know that Microsoft generally puts a lot of effort into backing their claims. Obviously Steve is pretty comfortable with the claims that have been made, otherwise I am sure he wouldn't be willing to fund a third party bake off as he has mentioned in his blog.

Check out for more details on how you can effectively run WebSphere on Windows!

Should be interesting to see where this ends up.

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