Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

I am happy to announce a couple of upcoming speaking events:

May 1st – Phoenix Connected Systems User Group in Tempe, Arizona

Introducing BizTalk 2013 and the new Cloud adapters

Microsoft recently released their 8th version of BizTalk called BizTalk Server 2013. One of the new capabilities in this version is the ability to use out of the box adapters when communicating with Windows Azure Service Bus endpoints and other Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. In this session Kent will focus on exposing Line of Business services to the cloud using the new WCF-BasicHttpRelay, SB-Messaging and WCF-WebHttp adapters. This session will include some slides and lots of demos including exposing SAP information to a mobile device using these technologies.

May 6th/7th  - BizTalk Boot Camp in Charlotte, North Carolina

BizTalk 2013 - New cloud-based BizTalk Server adapters

This session will also focus on the new Cloud based adapters for BizTalk Server 2013.  I will be demonstrating some of the new capabilities found in the BasicHttpRelay, SB-Messaging and WCF-WebHttp adapters.

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