Friday, January 4, 2013

WCF-SAP User account not in validity date

Recently, I have been working with a new organization and have been been building some interfaces that communicate with SAP. Over the Christmas break I continued to work on some of these interfaces.  On December 31 my interfaces were working just fine.  But, on January 1st, I made a few changes and then ran my BizUnit regression tests just to make sure everything was ok.  To my surprise, my tests were failing and the issue was related to the following error.


It just seemed like too much of a co-incidence that the errors started occurring on the first day of the new year. My gut told me that my account must have expired. At my previous organization the SAP-BizTalk system accounts never expired but they do at this one(which is probably not a bad thing).  The resolution in this case was for the SAP Basis team to update the validity date for the account.  Once this attribute was updated I could re-connect to SAP through my interfaces.  I have no idea why the SAP error message doesn’t just say “your account has expired”.

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