Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Internal BizTalk Conference

Prior to the MVP Summit, Johan Hedberg and Mikael Håkansson stopped by Calgary and participated in a Mini-BizTalk Technical conference for my company and three other sister companies.  In addition to their presentations we had a round table discussion to find out how the other companies are using BizTalk and had two other presentations; one by myself and another by a colleague Luciano Barbieri.


Below you will find links to the various sessions.  I wish I would have recorded these sessions  as the demos were excellent.  Maybe next time.


Fazlul Chowdhury said...

The event was really awesome and I enjoyed it. I think we should do these type of sessions quite often and bring in the expertise from different areas. It would be nice if we could have some VMs setup with associated environment and let participants use it while listening to the presentation that would have been even better.

We can have some research oriented sessions where we can discuss and share the current research in the academia as well as industry side. Some examples could be: Advanced Software Testing (Black-box or White-Box or Both?), Agility in your projects, Model-View-Controller, Loosely Coupled or Tightly Coupled?, Software Release Planning…etc.

PeterW said...

Your article on Catching Soap Faults was exactly on the mark for me. I had a scenario where I was consuming some Java web services and the default port exposed operations that included serviceExceptions but not any other Faults and it was not possible to add Soap exceptions. Replacing the port completely enabled me create my own operations and add required Fault Messages.

It's so easy to forget all the rich functionality available that one doesn't use every day.